"Mediterranean union is too important" – Craxi

“Union for the Mediterranean is too important.”

Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Stefania Craxi, said during yesterday’s visit  to Algiers where he met with Foreign Minister, Mourad Medelci, and the Minister for Maghreb and African Affairs Abdel Malek Messhael.

“The project of a Mediterranean union, which had an arrest after the crisis in Gaza, is too important and cannot end like the Barcelona process. It would be a mistake to stop the cooperation in the Mediterranean to wait for a solution to the political crisis” Craxi adds.

A press release by the Italian foreign office said that “at the heart of the visit there is the organization of the next bilateral summit Algeria-Italy, to be held in Algiers by the end of the year, and the Mediterranean Economic Forum to be held in Milan the 19 July.

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