, the tv channel for all Africans

An image of the website of satellite TV channel is the site of the new TV channel dedicated to Africa. It aires via satellite, cable and ADSL. The news was published on the Italian blog Jambo Africa, hosted by

Launched the 5 of February this year on Channel 36 of the bouquet CanalSat Horizons, Africa24tv aims to show images of a modern and progressive Africa, as written on the website of the pan-African TV.

“You see now another image of Africa. An image made of dialogue, analysis and construction. We are committed, thank to your criticism and comments, to give the best every day to make this TV an important landmark.”

President and founder of Africa24tv is businessman Costante Nemale from Cameroon.

Beside the 5 million euros annual budget, “the new TV will be largely funded by advertising revenue.”

Source: JamboAfrica

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