Malawi: Open Access 2008 started

Lilongwe (Malawi) is hosting the Open Access 2008 conference. It will last until the 14th of November.

It is a very important event because it stresses the importance of access to new technologies as this is supposed to bring social and economical growth.

The conference is organised by The Information and Communication Technologies Association of Malawi (ICTAM) in partnership with The Royal Swedish Institute of Technology (KTH) and The Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA).

Just a little before the opening of Open Access 2008, Lilongwe will also host the UbuntuNet Connect Conference, “Driving effective Research and Education Networking in Africa”.

“There is currently a high momentum – it is written in the website introducing the conference – in the deployment of infrastructures such as optic fiber, wireless and the like. Also, the advancement in the use of ICT in general such as mobile phones, multipurpose telecentres. If used wisely, we believe these developments can facilitate provisioning of relatively inexpensive, easily accessible, diversified and expandable ICT services. The objective of this workshop is to identify and share experiences on affordable and cost effective ICT technologies around the globe”.

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