Ivory Coast host first conference on cybersecurity

Tomorrow Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast, will host the “Cybersecurity in Africa” conference.

It will be the first time that such event takes place in the Continent.

The meeting, which will be hosted by the President hotel right in the centre of Ivory Coast, West Africa, is organised by the Ivory Coast government and the International organisation of francophony

As cyber crimes flourish in Africa, Ivory Coast has decided to organise such conference.

These are some of the reasons why crimes related to computers and the internet flourish in Africa, as explained clearly on whiteafrican.com:

  • Bad knowledge of Information Technologies by the populations;
  • Absence of a suitable legal system ;
  • Inexistence on the level of the States of cybersecurity structures;
  • Absence of a framework for dialogue and coordination of strategies at the regional level

The conference has these goals: to discuss on cybersecurity best practices, to define the basis of cooperation between countries.

The meeting will gather private and public sectors actors, as well as African civil society and international institutions experts.

For more informations: whiteafrican.com, cipaco.org

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