Libya: for Italy "less immigrants and more oil"

After the agreement managed recently with Libya, Italy will have “longer contracts for the furniture of Libyan oil”, mp Stefania Craxi of the Italian ministry of foreign affairs said in an interview to the Italian daily newspaper “Il Secolo XIX”.

In the interview, which is also published on the Farnesina website, Craxi illustrate some details of the agreement recently signed by the Libyan leader, Gheddafi, and the Italian premier, Berlusconi.

As Italy offered “total non-belligerence to Libya”, the African state offered the same. Nonetheless, Craxi said, “it is still to be clarified the history of the missile launched by Gheddafi on Lampedusa island in 1986″.

The Italian Mp also explained the possibility for Italian police forces to patrol libyan coasts to prevent immigrants to get near Italy. “Now our Coast Guard – Craxi said – will be able to patrol the seas that were forbidde near the Libyan coast. We also offered an important help for the building of radar stations in southern Libya”.

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