Gaddafi: "nothing can mend all the sufferings" under Italian colonial rule

“In this historical document the great Italian people shows us its sorrow and ask us its pardon for what was done by the fascists with the occupation, when they destroyed, killed and obliged many people to leave their homes. So they offer a compensation although nothing can mend all the sufferings the Libyans experienced”, the leader of Lybia, Muammar Gaddafi, said as reported by Italian news agency Agi.

“This deal is an indication and an historical proof of the innocence of freed Italy towards what was done by its oppressors”, Gaddafi added.

The Lybian leader continued, as reported by the Italian news agency, adding that “this deal is an historical landmark of the historical friendship, the affection, the good neighbourhood and the partnership that free today’s Italy from what yesterday’s Italy has done”.

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