Kenyan minister resigns over hotel scandal with Libyans

The embattled Kenyan finance minister, Amos Kimunya, has been forced to resign to pave way for investigations following an irregular sale of a public owned hotel.

Mr Kimunya has been accused of sanctioning the sale of Grand Regency Hotel in an irregular deal with Libyan investors.

It is said Kimunya did not follow the laid down procedures in disposing off the hotel owned by the Kenyan public. In Kenya public owned property is sold to the highest bidder in a public auction.

Last week Kenya’s parliament censured Kimunya over the deal passing a vote of no confidence on him. The public has also been demanding for Kimunya’s resignation or sacking by the president.

Kimunya was initially adamant to resign but following mounting pressure he had to bow out. It is believed that the president might have advised him to step aside to save the government face.

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