Italian forced to pay US$ 180,000 to Kenyan athletes

An Italian athletics manager has been compelled to pay over KShs 10 million owed to three Kenyan athletes after the runners complained of being short changed by their boss.

The aggrieved athletes Daniel Komen, Ismael Kombich and Moses Mosop had accused Gianni Denadona who manages several world renowned athletes, of deducting without their consent money earned from participating in several races in Europe. 

Following the disagreement, the sportsmen lodged a complaint with the Kenyan authorities and American sports goods manufacturer Nike which swiftly intervened forcing Gianni to unconditionally pay the athletes all dues owed to them.  

Athletics Kenya and Nike also took issue with Gianni’s failure to remit to the athletes money held in trust for various races in Europe.

Following the new twist of events Gianni was forced to pay US$ 152,000 to Komen, US$ 11,000 to Kombich and Mosop received US$ 20,00.

By Ken Chelimo

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