Habari! Travel between Italy and Africa

It is about to start this “Habari! a tragicomic journey from the slums of Nairobi to self-occupied Italy”.

This is a laboratory test with lyrics and music (African percussion) by Valentina Acava Mmaka and Peter Kuria Asamba who want to focus on the contradictions of Italy and think about common themes (racism, work, art, poverty, daily life, young people, school etc …) as seen from the point of view of Africa, and particularly from Kenya. 

The project is aimed at a diverse audience, including high school students that will use this contribution as a moment of exchange and discussion on intercultural issues paving the way for overcoming the prejudices that surround the continent of Africa and its citizens in Italy. 

The idea behind the meeting is based on the principle that Africa can not be explained, AFRICA must be told.

The narration of the text in Italian and Kiswahili, and modulated by rhythmic percussion, deals with “lightweight” irony and the contradictions and tragedies of the nowadays multiethnic society, offering food for thought for a dialogue on several subjects.

Schools, Associations, libraries, cultural centers who are interested in booking the meeting should contact vmmakaATyahoo.com


Source: soggettonomade.blogspot.com

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