Goukouni returns to Chad with hope

“I have decided to come back definitively to Chad to be of use to my country,” the former Chad president told APF.

His decision to return to his country after nearly a quarter of century in exile, he said, was based on two main reasons.

Chad has changed from the way it used to be and the authorities have equally desire to lift the country out of its under-development.

He said he is not going to identify himself with any political party, but to be an ordinary citizen and help bring stability to the country. Help negotiate a peace deal between the rebels and the government of Chad. A move, many Chadian seen to represents hope for their country.

“The return of Goukouni is a contribution to the strengthening of peace,” said Mahamat Hissene, Chad’s Communication Minister and government spokesman , as reported by APF.

In his native region of Bardai, last week, Goukouni spoke to his people, trying to defuse the tension that has lasted for years:

Years of war have brought nothing, we must now think about the development of our region, like the other regions of Chad”

Republic of Chad is located in Central Africa, a home to over 200 different ethnic and linguistic groups. Arabic and French are the official languages. Islamand Christianity are the most commonly practiced religions.

Civil war and rebel activities have dominated the history of the landlocked country for a long time. It is one of the poorest countries in the world.  Crude oil has remained the main export commodity of the country for the past 6 years.

Like many African countries, there is no simple explanation between the natural resource and poverty in the land, mostly blamed on foreign exploiters.  

Monsignor Michele Russo is an Italian born Bishop of Doba, Southern Chad. He had lived in Chad for over 28 years. In his visit to Italy last week, he encouraged Africans in Diasporas to take up responsibility for their own future and help reduce the poverty of their people.

“It’s time to stop joking with Africa… Africans must rise up to their responsibility and not wait for others to do their works for them. Africans have everything they need to be comfortable. They should come home and make contributions to their fatherlands”.


Ewanfoh Obehi Peter

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