Amref presents Ugo Gangheri & Nomadia latest album

Thursday 7 May, the bookshop Bibli in Rome (via dei Fienaroli 28) will host a live concert of Ugo Gangheri & Nomadia presenting their latest work “Ccà nun ce stanno liune” (CNI Music).

Everything will be donated to Amref‘s project in NairobiChildren in need”.

The atmosphere of the album is rarefied but intense nonetheless. It offers a mixture of ethnic sounds and traditions. Using the original Parthenopean dialect (the local language in Naples, Italy) seem to be the right choice.

Directed by Salvatore Leggieri and mixed in the Ligabue’s studios that he gave as a personal contribution to the project, “cca nun ce stanno Liune” gathers many artists. Kaballà, Roy Paci and Nino Buonocore are among them beside Andrea Pesce, Alessandro Canino of Tiromancino, and Patrick Trampetti.

The album is the first by Ugo Gangheri. He is the musician and composer of the famous Giobbe Covatta who is a testimonial for AMREF since decades. Covatta will also speak at the presentation of May 7 along with the writer and TV commentator, Gualtiero Peirce.

During the evening the video ‘Niro’ will also be shown. It is abstract from Giobbe Covatta’s movie ‘Sono stato negro anch’io’ (I was a negro too).

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