US hits more DRC rebel leaders with sanctions

The US has imposed sanctions on two top M23 officials saying they both made use of child soldiers and singled out children as targets.The US set sanctions Tuesday on two top officials of the M23 rebels in DR Congo, saying they both made use of child soldiers and singled out children as targets.

The US Treasury said Baudoin Ngaruye and Innocent Kaina are senior leaders of the Mouvement du 23 Mars (M23) militants, who control part of DR Congo’s turbulent east.

The Treasury said they were listed under US financial sanctions “for their involvement in the recruitment and use of child soldiers in the conflict in the DRC and for being leaders of a group that is impeding the disarmament, repatriation, or resettlement of combatants”.

It also accused Ngaruye of targeting children in the conflict in DR Congo, “including through killing, maiming, and sexual violence which violate international law”.

Both were put on a travel blacklist and assets freeze list by the UN Security Council DRC Sanctions Committee on November 30.

“M23 leaders Ngaruye and Kaina are responsible for carrying our terrible acts of violence against civilians and children in the DRC,” said Adam Szubin, director of the Office of Foreign Assets Control at the US Treasury.

In November, the Treasury also set sanctions on M23 chief Sultani Makenga.

The sanctions freeze any assets in the United States or US jurisdiction of those listed, and forbids any Americans from doing business with them.

Source: Africa Review

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