Uganda: Rose Lwakataka is the Uspa sport personality of April

In a story published on,

Ponsiano and Rose Lwakataka, picture published on New Vision Online,

Rose Lwakataka, the Uspa (Uganda Sport Press Association) Sports Personality for the month of April, says how she has been able to succeed in a men dominated sport like car races.

She also says how she manage all the success with her family life and her other careers.

She is called “flying chick” because of her style when driving, Rose Lwakataka is not only famous because of her success on car races but also because she is a musician, an actress and a mother.

Rose Lwakataka, the wife of retired car racer Ponsiano, interviewed by Veronica Kagona reveals how women can take the lead over men’s dominated sports, and not only on sports.

All they need, she says, is courage.

She is convinced that women will take the lead in motor sports because women are showing a growing interest in the game.

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