Tunisia: this is the fine art of Faouzi Maaouia

We receive and we publish this review of the Tunisian artist Faouzi Maaouia.

Faouzi Maaouia is a remarkable painter and poet, who expresses his world through the symbolism of his canvases.

Most of his paintings are accompanied by a poignant poem, whilst the canvases themselves are very strong – painted in vibrant colours; rich, warm tones – inspired by the idea of “metamorphasis” in progress, conveying the randomness and confusion of change.

Faouzi’s paintings express cubist influences combined with a minimalist “primitive” style. In Faouzi’s illustrative world, women often take a leading role. Women being at the “source & heart of inspiration“.

Aside from women, his native Tunisia is also a source of inspiration expressed in numerous paintings: The Medina, The Moorish Cafe in Autumn & The Moorish Baths.

Born in Tunisia in The Medina, Faouzi went to University to study in Algeria before teaching History in Tunis and only later on become a professional artist and painter.

On his web site the text reads “Il a tellement crayonné, dessiné, taquiné l’ombre, essayé de percer le mystère de la lumière que l’Artiste est devenu, sans surprise, peintre, clandestinement“.

This roughly translates that he worked with crayons, drawings, teasing the shadows, trying to understand the mystery of light, that in time it was always predictable that he would became a “secret” Artist .

Fortunately now with the Internet, his art is no longer a “secret” and is out there for all to see.

More about this Tunisian artist: stelfair.com.tn and facebook


by Judski

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