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Trina Solar

Trina Solar (, a global leader in smart PV and energy storage solutions, announced its participation at Solar & Storage Live Africa, Africa’s largest renewable energy exhibition, taking place in Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg from 18 – 20 March. This presence underscores the company’s commitment to actively engage with and contribute to the region's dynamic renewable energy landscape.

Bao Yang, President, Global Sales & Marketing at Trina Solar, said: “We are always committed to developing innovative products and solutions powered by advanced technology. At Trina Solar, we support Africa’s transition towards a sustainable energy future and achieving net-zero emissions, by expanding access to efficient and renewable solar energy solutions across the continent.”

At stand B116, Trina Solar will showcase its full suite of vertically integrated solution. This includes the Vertex N and Vertex S+ with n-type i-TOPCon Advanced technology, TrinaTracker latest innovations, and the recently launched energy storage solution Elementa 2.

Zaheer Khan, Regional Director of Southern Africa at Trina Solar, stated: “Trina Solar's integrated smart energy solutions bring simplicity, innovation, and effectiveness to solar project development in Africa. By combining modules, trackers, and energy storage, our solutions ensure seamless integration, safety, and reliability for end-customers. We are dedicated to driving the adoption of sustainable solar energy across the continent, empowering communities and businesses alike towards a brighter, more sustainable future.” –

Portfolio of Vertex n-type family

Equipped with n-type i-TOPCon Advanced technology, Trina Solar offers module solutions for better efficiency, long-term reliability and lower levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) for solar developers, EPCs and installers. At the stand, Vertex n-type family will be displayed, including Vertex N 720W series and 625W series and the Vertex S+ 505W and 445W modules for all application scenarios such as utility-scale power plants, C&I rooftops, and residential rooftops.

The star of the show NEG21C.20 Vertex N 720W series module offer high reliability, efficiency, power, and energy yield, featuring the four keys to unlocking low LCOE and increasing module efficiency up to 23.2%. Thanks to its ultra-low degradation, ultra-low operating temperature and optimized bifacial power generation, it has been called the “star of ground-mounted power stations”.

NEG19RC.20 Vertex N 625W series modules are highly compatible with trackers, with 13% increase in installation capacity for single-row tracker systems. The innovative and optimized module dimensions offer more feasibility to utility-scale or commercial and industrial (C&I) solar applications and improve utilization rate of 40HC container to 98.5%, reducing logistics and BOS costs for customers.

Trina Solar NEG18R.28 Vertex S+ 505W module is a universal solution with optimal size for commercial and industrial rooftop systems. The module delivers high efficiency of 22.7% and comes with a 30-year performance warranty. Designed with a 1.6mm + 1.6mm thin dual-glass structure, enhanced scratch, crack, and impact resistance, ensuring extreme resistance to salt spray, acids, alkalis, high temperatures and humidity. The size and lightness make the panel easy to handle and install and ensures that panels are robust enough for large-scale commercial installation.

The transparent black NEG9RC.27 Vertex S+ 445W is the preferred option for high-end aesthetic applications. This bifacial module has power warranty up to 30 years and 22.3% efficiency. It uses 210mm rectangular n-type i-TOPCon cells and covers surface area just under 2 square meters (1,762mm*1,134mm), making it the perfect choice for generating maximum power output from limited space.

TrinaTracker's Enhanced Solar Tracking Solution

During the exhibition, TrinaTracker team will present the enhanced TrinaTracker solution, highlighting the latest updates incorporated into the brand's full product portfolio. The upgraded Vanguard 1P marks a significant advancement in solar tracking technology. Combined with improvements to the Smart Control System, it is expertly crafted to offer customers trackers that masterfully integrate adaptability to flat terrain, exceptional system stability and reliability, quick installation, and versatile external compatibility. Furthermore, it features state-of-the-art smart control systems renowned for their high reliability, performance, and efficiency.

Elementa 2: Advanced Energy Storage System

Last month saw the global launch of Elementa 2, now making its way to Africa at the event. This cutting-edge Energy Storage System (ESS) offers advanced flexibility and high efficiency. The new design incorporates advanced features including an upgraded pack design, precise thermal management enabled by smart liquid cooling technology, and a robust fire mitigation and suppression system. Elementa 2 establishes a new standard in performance, safety, and cost optimization, marking a significant milestone in Trina Storage's commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

Driven by the mission of “Solar Energy for All,” Trina Solar remains deeply committed to offering tailored energy solutions for diverse applications across Africa. As pioneers in smart PV and energy storage solutions, the company will continue to pave the way for a net-zero future in Africa's thriving solar industry.

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About Trina Solar (688599. SH):
Founded in 1997, Trina Solar Co Ltd (stock symbol: Trina Solar; stock code: 688599) is engaged mainly in PV products, PV systems and smart energy. PV products include R&D, production and sales of PV modules. PV systems consist of power stations and system products. Smart energy comprises mainly PV power generation and operations and maintenance, smart solutions for energy storage, smart microgrid, and development and sales of multi-energy systems. We are committed to leading the way in smart PV and energy storage solutions and facilitating the transformation of new power systems for a net-zero future.

On June 10, 2020, Trina Solar was listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board (STAR Market) of the Shanghai Stock Exchange(SSE). It was the first PV and energy storage company to go public on the STAR Market providing PV products and systems, as well as smart energy. For more information, please visit

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