TED conference: Kamkwamba builds wind generator

The speech made in July by US president Barack Obama in Accra, Ghana, stressed that Africa must take charge of its own destiny.

During the latest TED Global conference held in Oxford (UK) from 21 to 24 of July, the fantasy and the skills of Africans people came out.

“The speaker was William Kamkwamba from Malawi”, BBC news reports.

William Kamkwamba came to the conference to tell people how “at the age of just 14, he had built his own wind generator“.

In the report by BBC news William Kamkwamba details all the issues he had to overcome and how it happened to him to end building such a great tool for his family and his community.

“Before I discovered the wonders of science I was just a simple farmer,” he said. But after the family’s maize crop failed in 2001, they could no longer afford to pay for him to go to school. “It was a future I could not accept,” he said.


Source: BBC News

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