Tanzania: it’s time for Sauti za Busara festival

szb-logo-zanzibar-date-200.jpgOne of the most “friendly” music festival in Zanzibar has started yesterday. It is called “Saut busara za” and it will last in the famous East African island until February 17.

The Saut za busara music festival is an appointment defined by many as one of the most interesting festivals and events across the entire Africa.

As stated in the website presentation, the exhibition will be held each day before sunset. All concerts are free for every day of the event.

Saut za busara, which means “sound of wisdom“, is a music festival born in Zanzibar to celebrate the music of the Easter part of Africa and is famous for the quality of the musicians who perform.

This year there are more than 400 artists divided into 40 groups.

These are some of the names that will play, as reporter on the festival website www.busaramusic.org:

Samba Mapangala & Orchestre Virunga (DRC / Kenya)Natacha Atlas (Egypt / UK)Msondo Ngoma Band (Tanzania)Oudaden (Morocco)Nawal (Comoros / France)Culture Musical Club (Zanzibar)The Moreira Project (South Africa)Comrade Fatso and Chabvondoka (Zimbabwe)Bi Kidude (Zanzibar)TY (UK)Carola Kinasha & Shada (Tanzania)Jagwa Music (Tanzania)Jang’ombe Nursery School (Zanzibar)Joh Makini (Tanzania)Elemotho (Namibia)Mamillion (South Africa)Segere Original (Tanzania)Katapila ‘Sangula’ Ngoma (Tanzania)Sansa Troupe (Uganda)Best of WaPi (Pan Africa)Swahili Encounters Group (Various)Mohamed Ilyas & Nyota Zameremeta (Zanzibar)Iddi Achien’g (Kenya)Rachel Magoola (Uganda)Wahapahapa Band (Tanzania)Omega Bugembe Okello (Uganda / USA)Mutinda (Kenya)Safar (Zanzibar)Kiumbizi (Pemba)Zinduka Ngoma (Zanziba
Tarbia (Zanzibar)Zimamoto (Zanzibar)DJ Side (Zanzibar)DJ Yusuf (UK / Zanzibar).

This is a video presentation of the festival available on YouTube:

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