Interview with Jaime Aguinaldo of Angola

Jaime Aguinaldo from Angola participated to the SMEs forum in Lisbon which ended the 7 June 2011. He said that relying on just one resource for a country means being too vulnerable, therefore they decided to diversify.

Interview with Mme Belemtougri ABGA award winner

This is an interview, in French, with the Incubator award winner, Mme Belemtougri ABGA Suzanne Marie. She presented a project about concerning the exploitation of bird “pentade”, very well known in Burkina Faso, her country.

Second day of SMEs forum in Lisbon

The second day of the SMEs forum in Lisbon by Emrc and Afdb has started with an interesting speech by the chief business environment of ITC, Angela Strachan, about the role of her company in sustaining SMEs in Africa and in less developed countries. Other speeches for today’s first session will be made by: Oltac […]