Speaker's wife Sally Bercow makes internet jokes about Zuma

While the Queen has played host to Jacob Zuma and his wife at Buckingham Palace with her customary diplomacy, the South African president has been the butt of internet mockery by Sally Bercow, the wife of the controversial House of Commons Speaker, John Bercow.

President & Mrs Zuma are here later,” she joked on Twitter, the social-networking website.

“Pretty sure it’s the same Mrs Zuma I met last night.”

Although Thobeka Madiba is the third and most recent wife of the Zulu tribe member, she is the only one who has accompanied him on the state visit to London.

“If it’s not the same Mrs Zuma, I’ll feel as if I am being disloyal to the one I met last night,” Mrs Bercow added.

Her comments were taken up by her “friends” on Twitter.

“No I don’t know what the other Mrs Zumas are up to,” said one, who added: “But they won’t be consorting with other husbands, obviously.”

Mrs Bercow, who will be a Labour candidate in the May local elections, attended the Queen’s state banquet for Zuma with the Speaker.

Yesterday, Mr Bercow received the president and his wife at the Palace of Westminster.

This is not the first time that Mrs Bercow’s “tweets” have raised eyebrows.

Since she went online in January, she has moaned about how her husband no longer discusses politics and has offered lively updates about a mouse in their Commons apartment.

Mr Speaker was, meanwhile, the butt of some jokes himself at the Macmillan Cancer Support’s Parliamentary Palace of Varieties.

Alluding to Bercow’s diminutive frame, Hugo Swire, the Tory MP who conducted the auction which followed the dinner, said it was a wonder that he hadn’t been “savaged” by his mouse.

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk, 20100305

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