South Africa: Zuma cracks down on ANC conspirators

President Zuma revealed on on Monday that the ANC national executive committee had decided at the weekend to “develop a code of conduct on lobbying” as a way of stopping the currently raging succession battle, which he described as “premature” and “opportunistic”.

“The promotion of a succession debate so prematurely is a mischievous diversion that must be avoided at all costs. For the sake of the organisation, we might be forced to name and shame those individuals involved,” President Zuma said.

His warning came as the ruling party battled to put to rest a fresh leadership battle involving the ANC Youth League, COSATU, the South African Communist Party and various black business groups within the ANC over who should be elected into senior leadership positions at the next national conference.

President Zuma told thousands of delegates attending COSATU’S 10th national congress in Midrand on Monday [21 September] that the ANC NEC, which met on Friday and Saturday, had “dealt extensively” with claims that certain leaders were secretly campaigning for the removal of key officials from senior posts.

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