South Africa will leave a legacy for Africa when it hosts the 2010 Soccer World Cup, President Jacob Zuma said on Friday.

“I think from now onwards when people speak, we will say before 2010 and after 2010,” President Zuma said at the draw for the tournament at the Cape Town Convention Centre.

“It is a legacy that is being left for Africa. Africa at long last has been able to welcome the world on its soil.

“The 2010 Soccer World Cup will allow the world to see Africa display its cultures, warmth, humility, its skill in soccer.”

South Africa was proud to be hosting the tournament, President Zuma said.

“We are proud of it, but also proud that as South Africans we have been able to keep time. Everything has gone according to plan.

“We believe that the world is going to be surprised because this cup that has come to South Africa. at end of tournament it will remain in Africa.”

More than 100 million people are expected to watch the event live on television in 200 countries around the world.

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