South Africa: van der Merwe host Bambasova

International Relations and Cooperation Deputy Minister Ms Sue van der Merwe will, on Wednesday, 25th March 2010, host the First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic, Ms Helena Bambasova in Cape Town.

The Republic of South Africa and the Czech Republic enjoy cordial relations also evidenced by continuing exchange of high level visits in both directions.

The visit to South Africa by the Czech First Deputy Minister will further consolidate bilateral relations between the two countries.

Accordingly discussions between the Deputy Minister van der Merwe and First Deputy Minister Helena Bambasova will focus, among others, on:

  • Strengthening political and economic relations.
  • Cooperation in education and skills development.
  • Reviewing existing agreements and draft agreements.
  • Partnership in advancing the African Developmental Agenda.
  • Sharing notes on developments in Africa and Europe.
  • Cooperation in the Global Governance System;

South Africa and Czech Republic have common objectives in a number of areas such as:

  • A commitment to increase bilateral trade, investment and technical cooperation,
  • A better life for their peoples and a better world for all.
  • A commitment to the rule of law, democracy, good governance, human rights and multilateralism.
  • The reform of the Global Governance System, including the UNSC and International Financial Institutions, fight against transnational, disarmament and non-proliferation, Implementation of the Millennium Development Goals.

The President of the Czech Republic, Mr. Vaclav Klaus paid a state visit to South Africa during December 2006.

The visit was of historical importance since it was the first visit of a Head of State from the Czech Republic since the Velvet Revolution and their separation from Slovakia in 1991.

This was followed by a reciprocal visit from 19th to 20 May 2008 to the Czech Republic by the former Deputy President Mlambo-Ngcuka, accompanied by the Deputy Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Science and Technology, Trade and Industry and Arts and Culture and 31 officials.

During her visit to South Africa First Deputy Minister Helena Bambasova is also expected to hold discussions with the Speaker of the South African Parliament, Mr Max Sisulu.

Source: Sapa online, 20100324

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