South Africa: maps xenophobia

First there was for post-election crisis in Kenya, now there’s mapping xenophobia in the country of Nelson Mandela. Websites are growing in Africa letting the world know what’s happening in the continent.

The purpose is the same, letting the world know what’s happening in South Africa in real time (when people let the website owners know via mobile phone texts or other means), the tool is the same too: the ushahidi engine already successfully used for website at the time of the post-election violences in South Africa.

Although violences are always bad, this seems to be a good news: a website helps spread informations for the world to know, to see, to read about what’s happening in South Africa and parts of the southern lands of the continent. But there’s even more: people can let the website know what’s happening.

“Starting as sporadic and isolated incidents – it is written on website – the activity have growing into a full blown assault on our fellow Africans. This portal looks to empower each one of us to make a difference, both in terms of keeping each other informed and providing assistance to those who are being persecuted. If you see or hear anything please report it. Through our collective efforts we can force local and international governments to be frank, honest and responsive to this situation”.




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