South Africa: signed letter against Hostival

We received and we publish here this letter about what is thought to be a scam before the soccer world cup in South Africa.

There was an item on last night’s news about someone who is running a scam in connection with the FIFA Football World Cup here.

He is advertising accommodation in school hostels in South African cities for visitors to the World Cup matches.

This would be a good economical way to stay here to see the matches except for the fact that the schools have no knowledge of him, no contracts with him.

One school manager is afraid that people will turn up and find there is no booking for them, that the hostels are closed for the holidays or occupied by others – schools are popular venues for conferences during vacations.

As the man has an Italian name I wonder if he is aiming his marketing at Italian soccer fans through the Italian press.

The company is called Hostival and the man’s name Giacovazzi.

Is there a way you could spread the word that this is a crooked offer?

Letter signed

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55 thoughts on “South Africa: signed letter against Hostival

  1. Hi there,this is rather funny! I know Giavanni! HE is a very very good friend of mine and I have stayed at one of his hostivals.He is well known through the backpackers community and ll his Hostivals has been a great success.He always opens Hostivals where ever there is a festival or event going. And dont be so perujice,why not speak to him first.This “Italian” is full bread South African and was born and raised in Joburg.

    Hope this gives some clearance on the matter.
    Go Hotival!

    Happy travelling
    Nicola Dunn

  2. I am not sure exactly where this information has come from as I have stayed at Hostival locations in Spain and Germany on several occasions. Our World Cup group has booked with Hostival for a week and a half during the cup and not only have we received confirmation but are eagerly awaiting yet another amazing party experience. Hostival has and always will be the best party hostel !

  3. I stayed at Hostival in Munich during Oktoberfest and had no problems. They were much cheaper than staying at a hotel and it was a great way to meet fellow travellers. The offer is legitimate and the good times are a-plenty.
    Sean from Canada

  4. I have to reply to this as I have stayed in a couple of other Histival accomadations and they were both fantastic value, great locations but best of all they are set up wherever there is a festival or major event, such as the bull run in Spain, or the beer fest in Germany, the best part of it is the gutys running the place have such knoledge of the places and are so helpful in every way, I gaurantee anybody who uses them will not be sorry, you will get value and will have a great time.

    Guilliano that is mentioned above is Sth African, as far as I can remember his folks or at least his father was Italian. So I repeat it is no scam.

    One happy hostival customer,
    Danny Hamilton,

  5. I have personally stayed at his Hostival and met Giacovazzi during the Oktoberfest in Munich this past September. This is in no way a scam. Our accomodation in the Hostival was perfectly legit and was extremely comfortable. I am sure there are thousands of other people out there that can vouch the same. I wouldnt have stayed anywhere else, and plan to stay there in future events!

  6. HOSTIVAL IS NOT A SCAM and Giuliano Giacovazzi is a native South African, not Italian (although from Italian decent, obviously). His idea is simple yet brilliant: He provides affordable lodging wherever (and whenever) there is a lack of it. I am an American who stayed at Hostival in San Sebastian, Spain during Semana Grande. Prices were the cheapest in town despite the fact that nowhere else had vacancy. He easily could’ve charged double, but didn’t. Also, he personally arranged activities for the hostel guests each night which not only contributed to the great time that I had there, but also built a sense of community which I believe helped to prevent theft and fights (there was none). Basically, out of 3 months in Europe, my stay at Hostival was the best experience I had.

  7. This is absurd! I stayed in a Hostival this summer in the north of spain, it was great, we had good accomodation and it was really cheap. Even tho there was an event going on at the time, we were able to stay there. It was a relaxed atmosphere and we had great fun going on day trips with locals and meeting new backpackers from all over the world! So I can confirm that Hostival does a really good job and any travelers will be glad to stay with them!

  8. I just wanted to point out that I have stayed at Hostival in Rio de Janiero for the carnival and in Spain for the Bull Run, and they were great. This is definitely not a scam. Giacovazzi is definitely not a scam artist as he does provide great accommodation. I think the E-Tv segment called it a scam with very little evidence. When one stays at a hostel money is only paid when one arrives at the accomodation, so how is he scamming people?? The only people who get money before are the booking agencies like hostelworld and hostelbookers.

  9. Do you have proof of this? From where are you getting your information? Did you even research this before publishing?

    I know this man and he has always been a stand up person and a man of honour. I find it completely outrageous that you don’t even look into your reports before publishing them. You are destroying a mans livelihood on complete lies and for what?

    This man has hosted many people from many walks of life in different countries in Europe and is now preparing to welcome our foreign guests in this country. He grew up in Johannesburg and I have had the pleasure of growing up with him. He is a man of integrity and if you want to enjoy a hostel with a difference and great fun you will have the time of your life under his roof.

    He will always have my support and to anyone who has enjoyed his hostels I invite you to take the time and have your say and leave your comments under this article.

  10. Hi i am an italian living in south africa and i have gone to mr giacovazzi’s hostel that he holds around the world, he invited me and i went to the octoberfest in 2009. so this was recent, and i had the best time of my life the hostel was fun and friendly with different people from all over the world and there were even hot girls staying there with differnt rooms and toilets on each floor it was a 5 storey building pact almost every night while i was there for 10 days i had my bed with sheet and pillow and there were even partie but ended at 12pm so people could sleep, those who didnt want to sleep went out to the nights clubs, which some nights even the owner mr giacovazzi would escourt us and show us a good time at no extra cost. friends of mine whom i have recomended have gone to his running of the bulls in pampalona and also to the rio carnival, so thus there is proof that hostival and the hostels are always there at the event and people go to have fun. whomever wrote this nasty stay away note is very insecure and has no life and is proberbly a loser/nerd (mostly losers dont attend these hostels usualy fun outgoing interesting people are there in any case.) I recommend that you will have a good time at these hostels and that they will be there as i have booked to stay at two one in cape town and one in johannesburg. I know mr giacovazzi to be a good and fair and kind buisness man and he is also a christian like me and has a contience and wont just take peoples money which i paid hostival when i was in germany and i got my bed and a good time which was a bonus, I recommend everybody to stay at hostival hostel as it is the only legit decent hostel, by the way legislation was given 2 weeks ago that all the schools during the world cup will be closed for the school children going to there respective schools,during the world cup period. So thus this is proof that they will be empty for some buisness people like hostival to occupy them and also ther sre more than 100 schools around the counry proberbly even more than double and im sure hostval would atleast have 1 from each city. for those who are insecure like the writer of this gay warning if you go to hostival website you can find mr giacovazzi’s cell no which even i get hold of him easily and the company is even registered as a ligitamit company in ireland, so my question to all is why would someone whom has spent loads of money setting up a website, a company and having opened over 6 hostels around the world that i even know and have been to, have been running for more than 4 years, why would Hostival be a scam if people have gone to there hostels im atleast proof of this, and why would mr giacovazzi spend all that money setting up those existing hostels and waste his time and money on advertising his new venture in 2010 world cup, when even mr giacovazzi is also a south african/italian boy whom is proud of both his roots,m why would he waste so much resourses and time. My answer is that only a fool whom wants to waste money and is mad from a mental institution that would waste his money and time on setting up a non exsisting place during a period which the proberbly the most famous event to set up for an entropenur to make loads of money as his place hostival is the cheapest in the entire of south africa. Just think about it carefully and ask yourself thus question and it will answer itself. that enough for this comment as im turning into a loser by typing so much but im doing so as a good christian and good client and importantly as a happy client of hastival, JUST GO THERE AND HAVE AN AWESOME STAY! CIAO EVERYBODY!

  11. Hostival is not a scam or crooked offer. I stayed at their hostel in San Sebastian in July 2007. It was a very enjoyable experience. A lot of backpackers and surfers stayed there as well. It was well run and was a great deal for being located right downtown. I would stay their 100 more times. They will be getting my business in the future if I visit again.

    As far as his NAME being Italian that’s great, but that doesn’t mean he’s an Italian citizen or even speaks the language. Heaven forbid he’s from South Africa. Let’s put your name out on blast. I wonder if it’s Tom Brown? If Tom Brown was running this, would we have a conspiracy against Canada or the USA? Come on, man (or woman).

    Schools have no knowledge of him- Did you talk to the right people or did some receptionist tell you they weren’t sure who it was?
    So one “school manager” is afraid that people will show up. Why isn’t he or she writing this? Could neither of you contact this alleged Italian Marketing/Press Aimer?

  12. i know giulz, and i know he have runed a hostel, and i met people who have been there. i don´t know of any scan from he.
    the report talks about his name, but they don´t give any name or data of the school or the name of the director, so i think this report is irresponsible.
    what if i made up a report saying that there´s a hotel named x, runned by a person named y that is doing a scam? i can totally do that, right?
    i just know that he is in the hostel business and that there should b no apparent reason to do a fake hostel when he can do a REAL hostel and make a decent profit out of it.

    VLad from buenos aires, ARGENTINA

  13. Ive have personally been to many hostels run by Hostival. The Italian man is one of the nicest guys you will meet. This is not a scam, he is doing his best to make sure there is cheap accomadation out there for those who want to see the world cup but maybe can’t afford the overpriced alternative hotels. If you are considering booking with hostival do not hesitate, you will not be dissapointed. You could possibly even get a root !

  14. Hey! i think you have the wrong idea…. i stayed with Hostival in san sebastian and had such an awesome time that i stayed with them in Germany as well for oktoberfest….maybe someone is trying to make the company look bad……Please just speak to the owner if anyone is worried about this, he will reassure you that the holiday is all you are expecting!
    Enjoy, wish i was going to the WC too!

  15. I have stayed with Hostival at organised events and it is definitely not a scam. Giul’s is a smart guy who had a great idea – this is a very lame attempt to slander him.

  16. I have stayed at Hostival (the festival hostel) on numerous occasions. I can quite honestly say that each time I have stayed at these hostels, I have had a fantastic stay. Mr Giacovazzi (a born South African to an Italian family) has gone from a four-bedroom apartment hostel, to this, his greatest attempt – a hostel in each major city in South Africa for the Football World Cup 2010. His hard work and perseverance has paid off as his business has grown and grown over the years. It’s only when false accusations like these are made based solely on a clerical error (the school’s addresses were put onto a website, before the locations were secured, by a PA who has since been fired) that a true South African business is hindered by the most useless piece of investigative journalism I have ever seen. ETV used the power of the edit to turn the footage around against him, and quite obviously didn’t tell the entire story all in the name of ENTERTAINMENT and HEADLINES rather than actual proper real life NEWS.

    All I can say is that I have been a guest, and


  17. absolute crap letter. I’ve stayed at one of Jules’ (giacovazzi)hostels before, and he is completely straight up honest guy. You only need to google hositval, which he has been running for years worldwide to see he is a real and respected guy. He runs low budget hostels at a lot of festivals and sporting events worldwide and is a genius at finding local venues to turn into temporary hostels in unusual but cool accomodation.

    running of the bulls and oktoberfest was awesome, so don’t believe this crap – clearly someone jealous of him -as for his italian name – well his italian is not the best, but what do you expect from a second gen southafrican with italian parents?


  18. Hello,
    I do not entirely understand why you would write this article without knowing all of your facts first. I travel constantly, and I understand the reality and the fear of scams. But did you happen to try and contact Mr. Giacovazzi before you judged him based on his “Italian” name? It truly disappoints me to read this. I happened to stay in one of his hostels along my travels almost three years ago in San Sebastian, Spain and he was not only friendly but completely trustworthy and reliable as well.
    So maybe you should retract this, if you have any conscience at all, and not label it as a “crooked offer” and tell people to “spread the word.” It honestly makes me think that you are a competitor or a scam artist yourself; Ironic, isn’t it?
    Vienna Isabelle Rose

  19. I stayed at Hostival in San Sebastian, Spain. It was the second time I went to San Seb and staying at the hostel really made the difference in my experience of the city. Jules and the rest of the staff were awesome! They not only made recommendations of where to go and what to do in the city, they organized parties and took us all out for an amazing time! It was a very unique experience, the hostel was set up in a community center! Which is kind of nice when you are traveling the world and looking for new and exciting things. It also helps that its always the cheapest option so you can save money on the bed that you will barely remember, and use it on enjoying the event that you are there to see! I had such a great time there that I ended up going to, and working at the Hostival in Munich for Oktoberfest and had the time of my life! If you’re a person who likes excitement, meeting new people, a convenient location and unusual experiences, definitely don’t hesitate to book a bed at Hostival! I feel awful that someone is trying to sabotage Jules and Hostival.. Not only does his business bring him joy, it does to the many backpackers who have been and will be lucky enough to stay there! It always works out Jules, you have mine and many others support!

  20. I just stayed at a hostel ran by Giuliano in October for Octoberfest in Munich. We booked the hostel before we left Canada and we were not disappointed when we got to Munich. Giuliano was incredibly friendly and welcoming while he managed to provide a secure hostel. When I do more travelling I will not even hesitate when booking with Hostival!

  21. I have stayed at Hostival in Spain and think the concept is brilliant! A Nomadic hostel which follows the worlds festivals providing overflow accommodation is something that is being pioneered by the guys at Hostival.

    I dont know the full details of what happened in south africa (cos I dont live there) or why the locations fell through. However, I can tell you one thing – Hostival is not a scam. If there is a party to be had around the world and you are desperate for a bed, Hostival will cushion your landing with a smile, a shot and a HELLOFFALOTTA good times!

    My name is Simon Woolley and I LOVE HOSTIVAL!

  22. I am a respectable upstanding citizen of the world, who is currently residing in Pamplona, Navarra.
    It sickens me to the core when I see and hear of things like this. I met Jules last year during the Big Week (Semana Grande) in Donostia/San Sebastian. I stayed at his fantastic Hostel with a good friend of mine, visiting me from England.
    It was marvelous!!!! The hostel was situated about 400m from Zuriola, the surf beach in the City. Hot Showers, comfy clean beds and absolutely gorgeous people, especially the ladies! Travellers, free spirits from all over our Delicate Planet. The good folk.
    We were welcomed in, met Jule’s team of sound employees, we were invited out for drinks with all who were staying. It was a great night, so much so, that I went up a second time from Pamplona, my current home.

    What’s really annoying about this, is alot of damage has already been done by incompetent journalism. Just by associating Hostival to the word Sc*m would have a detrimental affect on a young, charismatic, sharp businessman trying to do some good in this world. Yes I use the word businessman, but I have looked into this man’s eyes when he speaks about doing something useful for the lesser off in our global society, I know he means it. Social capitlism?? We don’t make the rules man, we just try and make it better.
    So I have some questions for the real Guilty people in this situation…
    1. Mr Journalist paperman, what ya gonna do to make ammends, cuz I and I tink ya need to gwarn talk to yarself na! ya bone idle rash blud clat???!!???
    2. Y el combarde que has puesto esta pieza de mierda, qual es tu nombre txabal??? Y que haces con tu hostel, va bien??? (and the coward that has put this piece of sh*t, what’s your name, you joker?!?!? What’s happening with your hostel, it’s going well???

    I suspect that this is a case of the green eyed monster, big time!!!
    Combined with sensationlist journalism, probably by some guy who never even thought to contact Mr Giacovazzi and get his side of the story.

    Why is it when someone trys to get ahead, there’s some many people out there, just waiting to pull them back down? I speak from experience now having a successful English academy in the very heart of Pamplona (
    Some of my colleagues are South African. I have also been to your wonderful, though unfair country. My word, I pray that the World Cup helps ALL and that issues of Rascism, Inequality and Postive Discrimination are crushed by the Strength and UNITY!!!
    Is this a case of postive discrimination that I hear much about in South African, from South Africans? And before any starts jumping on the Racist bandwagon, I’m an English born (defined coloured about 25 yrs ago in your neck of the woods) mixed raced Man. My Granparents are Chinese Malaysian on one side, the other Austiran Jew and Scottish. search – freaking english academy on facebook.
    To all going to use Hostival. Have a Splendid time, drink, laugh and love, look after each other as I was looked after in Sanseb and enjoy! Go on ENGLAND!!!
    “Ni neart go cur le chéile.”
    (There is no strength without UNITY, Happy St Patrick’s week!)
    Steven Smith.

    Why haven’t any victims to this “horrible scam” stepped forward because this is a platform to vent their anger?

    BECAUSE THERE ARE NO VICTIMS, I have met all these people and don’t just provide budget accommodation in the best possible locations at the best time for the best price but I give it my best every time and just this page makes it all worth it because I know that even though most of you were clients when we first met, we are now friends and thats worth more then the money you will make running a scam.

    So to all the scam artists and weak attempts at reporting, quit your day job and get a “real job” where you get to be real with “real” people….mother ****A!

    1. I have known this guy for years and he is one of the most honourable guys you will ever meet. I worked with him for a while and he’s most definately a man of his word. He runs a professional outfit and is very loyal to his clients/customers. With the economic downturn and the struggle for business against larger more professional rivals, I wonder we’re the lead came from for this as this is the sort of rubbish that you can expect printed to sabotage. don’t let this drivvel put you off, I know Hostival does exactly what it says on the tin!!!

  24. I have had the pleasure of staying at Giullianos hostels on atleast 3 different occassions in spain and germany.The accomodation is top notch being clean,safe and secure as well as cheap.If whoever wrote this article didnt some proper investigative journalism before writing what can only be descibing as libel- they would have found atleast 400 people on Giuls’ facegroup/hostival website who can share their past experiences and definately confirm that Hostival is no scam.Whats more im sure that every who has had the chance to meet and spend time with giuls will concur that he his a warm and fun loving south african who always goes out of his way to ensure that his guest always have all their needs met.i know my stay in spain was fantastic due to Giuls- he went above and beyond the call of duty to make my group of friends stay in spain unforgetabble…from showing us the making sure we found the best eateries finding us the best clubs..he did it all..smiling and making friends all the way along. I hope Etv issues a formal apology because i cant see any proof merely accusations. I hope they also have the courage to admit they were wrong and issue a formal apology as this amounts to defamation of character.

  25. I stayed in Hostival in San Sebastián, Spain, for 3 days during the celebrations week, and had no problems whatsoever. In fact I had a really great time meeting people from all over the world, and with all the other hostels booked up to maximum capacity, Hostival was quite a lifesaver!

    / Alejandro

    1. Claire, if you’ve never stayed with Hostival then dont go about branding useless bits of i-tat from a small minority of travellers. That makes you as ignorant as the original journalist who sparked this isuue! Unfortunately in the Service Industry, you will never please all of the people all of the time. However, dis-satisfaction is NOT what we are debating.

      Allow me to bring you into the picture – Hostival is accused of being a SCAM and taking people money from unsuspecting travellers in return for nothing.

      This is not the case.

      Even your own referenced article gives evidence that Hostival provided last minute accommodation during the heavily attended Oktoberfest Festival . Perhaps it was not run as smoothly as it should have been, but that is a different issue entirely. I’m quite sure that had those guests in your clever link brought up the fact that they were unhappy directly with Mr Giacovazzi, he would have done whatever he could to make amends before they left.

      I find your view to be very closed minded Claire Nosurname! Perhaps best to have first hand experience in future. No-one likes an Arm Chair Critic!

      In answer to your final question – the locations are only disclosed a few days before each festival. Why? Because its TEMPORARY accommodation for that particular Festival and Hostival is only there for a few weeks. They rent properties for as long as they need them – simple!

      …Having said that, I doubt someone as seemingly uptight as you would actually be given the correct address anyway!

      Dónde está MacDonalds?

    2. Clair?! Your the only fake name on here! It’s Anne Taylor!
      Yes Hostival has bad reviews as does, Mc Donalds, The freaking Ritz even Jesus had bad reviews but from the 100’ds of 1000’s of customers I had in an extremely fast passed and wild surroundings I know the my staff and I did a fantastic job!
      Yes Anne, I have absolutely no doubt that you would be one of the few that wasn’t happy with my Oktoberfest hostel but I hope you book into the Ritz a year before and pay 100 x more.
      I’ll take a ratio of 400 faithful Hostivillains to a hand full of bad comments from people who never belong at Hostival any day.

      I’d value your grand daughters opinion on how I run Hostival to your any day!

  26. I have personally known Giuliano for seven years and was very upset at the above so called report. Being a journalist myself, the objectives of the profession are to be objective, balanced, and to ALWAYS get your facts correct. While you may have some grievances towards the business due to lack of experience or knowledge, it is despicable to publish a letter of such slander.

    This man is of honourable character, a successful entrepreneur, and a native of your own country. The business he is building is going to bring visitors and money to South Africa, in effect, doing the complete opposite of what your accusations suggest. If you cared to undertake the slightest investigation, you would have found that there is a fan page on facebook and it would have been easy to find Giuliano’s contact details. Had you contacted him, he would have told you all of the above information.

    I think you owe him an apology, and to have your letter taken down as a sign of respect to a man who is attempting to create employment opportunites within your country and also raise money for underfunded state schools.

  27. I met Giuliano in the backpacking scene in 2003 when he was starting out. My experience of his service in Spain, Ireland and Germany have been EXCELLENT.

    I have no hesitation recommending him to old and young, male or female, shy, sporty or party people as without a doubt he does cater for all needs in an authentic personalised way.
    Accommodation standards are as good as some of the best places I’ve stayed in around the world. Bathrooms, beds and bed linen and security are impeccable and location has always been really convenient and central.

    Just a couple of weeks ago a friend of mine arrived to Cape Town, South Africa alone and apprehensive, as it was her first time. The director of Hostival was there to pick her up, personally escorted her to the accommodation and 100% helped her fulfil her dream trip in South Africa- she told me she had an amazing time, returned relaxed with unforgettable memories all thanks in a big way to this man. He has been a spectacular host in my own travelling experiences and has never let me down.

    To top that off he has an extremely personable manner which transmits in the atmosphere of his hostels, unlike some of the multinational hostels/hotels more anonymous feel.

    I wish the enterprise and the people behind it all my support and hope to be able to meet more new great people through Hostival for many years to come.

    Go to HOSTIVAL for a professional, fun and unforgettable experience.

  28. So now after a whole load of VERY POSITIVE responses about hostival on this page, I would LOVE to hear the writer’s response. It would also be lovely to hear the response from ETV themselves. There’s a reason for calling in INVESTIGATIVE journalism…

  29. This is totally untrue. Hostivals are great! And as a South African living in SA, I am well aware that it is NOT scam. Many of my barrister and solicitor friends have only the BEST to say about it!

  30. I was on a Hostival party during Oktoberfest in 2009. There was the Hostival, there were real guests with their sleeping bags and all had real fun celebrating! A lot of them I met again on the facebook fan page which was mentioned hear earlier and which was created some time after the Oktoberfest. So Hostival guests become Hostival fans!

    Enjoy the world cup live this year in South Africa and be a fan of soccer/football, South Africa and Hostival!


  31. Can somebody please explain to me how a news company such as e-tv can publish facts on live television and nearly destroy a persons dream/business based on one persons evil intentions with no evidence at all being, i really dont understand how this can happen, there has not been any complaints or cases against Giuliano for fraud or being a scam artist, there is no evidence besides a vindictive girl who was hired in a verbal contract to do a job and could not succefully perform her duties or tasks and now is trying to visciously destroy a persons business, Giulz as your brother i know you and will always have your back, please sue the shit out of etv and the real scam artist (your ex-employee).

  32. My name is Steve Kelly Im from Vail ,Colorado in the U.S.
    I have known Mr.Giacovazzi for over 4 years now having met him as a guest in his hostel in San Sebastian Spain.He is a tremendous host and runs an incredibly unique and amazing business that has been run world wide.Of all my travels and Hostel experiences my stay with Giuliano was by far the most memorable and exciting. I ended up staying for a month in his hostel and returned the next summer to help with another hostel.I would not believe a word that was written in this article.I stand behind Hostival fully. Feel free to contact me at 970-688-0014
    Steve Kelly


  34. Rock on Hostival! i stayed at Hostival in San sebastian ,Spain in 2005 & it was an unforgettably awesome experience..and I look forward to staying once again and reliving this experience in Joburg for the world cup 2010!! Absolutely no qualms about it…….just excited cause it’s no scam and Giacovazzi is the legit shit…who really knows how to put up a hostel! Can’t wait!!! SA news is definitely veryb weak and inaccurate, that’s for sure!!!

  35. Hostival has never scammed anyone in the past and clear evidence of this can be found on:
    1) we have an entire 8 episode documentary TV series filmed over the last two years of our Hostels and our guests!!! A 3 minute trailer for this can be seen on my website
    2) Hostival has 400 faithful guests on our facebook group who will confirm how much fun they had at any of our hostels over the past 7 years!
    3) please at least read the responses to that very same article that alarmed you by my guests!
    4) Hostelbookers them selves, particularly Miguel Rodrigues of “Power Hostels” can vouch for that as well because they have been dealing with my majority of the bookings.
    5) it’s way easier to make money from many festivals by giving clients what they want then it is to scam people once then go into hiding!

    Hostival will never scam people in the future:
    1) If we scam our clients this time or any other time in the future then we wold need to share a cave with Osama Bin Laden and he doesn’t shower and we wouldn’t be able to make money of any other festivals.
    2) we would not be able to have the football fans we need to provide the reality side of the part of the show we are filming based on Hostival and our guests!
    3) our partner sponsors will not be able to provide our guests with food, tour packages, merchandise or anything else and will end up sewing us.
    4) we will not be able to raise money for our various charities and the little black babies will starve and I will go to hell.
    5) my mom and the rest of my family will disown me

  36. This letter is complete rubbish! I’ve known Guilz (Giuliano Giacovazzi) for years now and have stayed at his hostels in San Sebastian for the Running of the Bulls for a few years now. Not once was I ever scammed out of money, or arrived to find an empty hostel – always had a bed, shower, clean facilities but mostly, an excellent party for the time I stayed there. Have also recommended Hostival to quite a few friends, who always came back with good stories and excellent times. Who ever wrote this letter is just someone holding a grudge against Guilz, or Hostival, or both. But nothing in the letter is based on truth. I still support Hostival, even though I’m not able to make it back to South Africa this year, but would definitely use them for any other festival in the future!

  37. I have worked with this this guy for quite a while, he is a man of his word and honour. I know him to be honest and extremely kind. I do know that with the economic downturn this is the typical type of drivvel for a weak individual who may feel threatened by a rival to write up otherwise known as a type of industrial espionage. You may be silly to take heed of such nonesense as you would be missing out on something which could be the best time of your life. Look at what has been laid out in previous dates. Some of the worlds most renowned events have been catered for for backpackers to have a great time. Rio, bull run and now the world cup.

    mmmmm maybe look at the motives behind what is said than listen to the what is said.

  38. Hi everyone!
    Next june I’ll be there. I’m very excited to visit SouthAfrica and their people, and specially to stay in Hostival.
    I would like to know who wrote this bull shit. Anyone can say things like this without check information first?
    So, dear Giuliano, we will drink lot of Quilmes beer (of course), in order to forget that kind of crap!

    See you soon, Martin from Buenos Aires.

  39. I’ve known Giulz a long time, this letter is nonsense! Hostival is an awesome endeavour and he’s been doing brilliantly. Happy travels with Hostival friends!

  40. I’m sure a lot of people would be interested in finding out the name of the person that “signed the letter” when Giuliano’s name is mentioned all over the place. Africa News, you can’t mention one name and not the other…

  41. I stayed with Giuliano Giacovazzi in sans sebastian for semane grande and it was really good!!..I would have stayed in his world cup hostals but for thierry henry but that’s and issue of real fraud not like above!!…i would advise anyone not to worry and you will not regret time spent in Giuliano’s hostels!!

  42. I’ve stayed at Hostival in San Sebastian (Spain) for almost a week during Semana Grande and it was honestly the best place I could find ! Despite the cheap price and the fun people who were staying at Hostival, the staff was awesome… They organised many activities for the hostel guests each night which obviously contributed to the great time that I had !! When we first arrived, my friend and I were lost and we couldn’t get to the hostel so we called Giulz on his phone and HE came to pick us up downtown and HE showed us how to get to the place… Personally, none of the other hostels that I’ve stayed during the rest of my trip give us that type of service !! Basically, out of 2 months in Europe, my stay at Hostival was part of the best experiences that I had !!

  43. To Africa News,
    I have to say you were misinformed, Giuliano Giacovazzi is an genuine Hostel Host. My family have stayed with him in San Sebastien and have found him to be a gentleman. I know him myself and can vouch for him. Your article should be withdrawn as it is a lacks any factual basis or truth. Which I am sure ” Africa News” would not want to be associated with.
    Kind Regards,
    Nicola F (Ireland)

  44. I’ve stayed at hostival twice and it was fantastic.I’m not sure why anybody would say these shocking untruths. So from personal experience this is total bs. Guilz is a great guy and he showed us a super time. I’m in sa now, so no need to pay for board, but if I didn’t. Hostival would be it!!!

  45. Seeing as there is no actual evidence against the hostel I will suggest to Guils that he threatens legal action for defamation.
    Published defamation – called libel – for example a newspaper article or television broadcast. If you are expressing an opinion, for example on a film, hotel or restaurant, then you may be protected by the defence of “comment” or “fair comment,” if the facts in your statement were reasonably accurate (definitely not the case here).
    Under South African law this is and both the author of the letter and the journalist who posted this article are liable.
    I’d be watching your backs both of you – Guils has A LOT of very good connections…

  46. I stayed at a Hostival in San Sebastian almost 3 years ago and can honestly say, it was one of the best travel experiences I’ve had. My room was cheap, very comfortable and the place was run in a friendly, but professional manner. Giulz made every effort to go beyond the expectation of his guests by organising and participating in events, which helped to bring all the ‘Hostivilians’ together.

    So, would I recommend staying at a Hostival for World Cup 2010 (or anywhere esle for that matter)? YOU BET I WOULD!

    Happy Hostivalling and ‘Peace Out’ to Giulz and all you other Jukkas!

  47. I stayed at Hosvital in Munich for Octobrefest.The only thing that is a Scam about this is that they change the location at the last minute to a Giant Tent! They let you believe you are staying in nice accomodation and take your money which was not cheap. Where we stayed which was Freezing cold with no proper bedding or Towels. The toilets were outside in the rain with no paper and the showers were filthy.. but with no towels, lucky for us we couldn’t use them. The lights were on all night and it was really noisy with people running up and down, screaming and partying in the Tent all night, (not so good if your up at 6am to get to Octoberfest)… I cannot believe I payed 110euros in advance for 2 nights in a Tent, especially when they were letting people that just turned up come in for much less! Never again!

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