South Africa: people await their gender medallist

It was a big time for miss Caster Semenya in the 2009 Berlin athletic Championship.

For the International Amateur Athletic Federation, however, her gender identity needed to be tested. A move many South Africans do not welcome for anything.

Some have cried foul for discrimination against the athlete.

As reported by the Associate Press on Friday, “Butana Komphela, chairman of a parliamentary sports committee, cited both sexism and racism in a statement Friday.

The South African Press Association quoted him as saying Friday that his committee would soon lodge a complaint with the U.N. Commissioner of Human Rights asking for an investigation into the IAAF’s “gross and severe undermining” of Semenya’s rights and privacy.”

The IAAF has already commenced the test. The question about her gender aroused mainly because of her deep voice, muscular body build and her astonishing performance in the competition.

Ahead of her return from Europe on Tuesday, South Africans are planning a big rally to welcome home their medallist, who brought them an honour.

President Jacob Zuma is planning a personal meeting with her and two other South African medallists at the presidential guest house, Pretoria.

All these are to serve as a moral boost to the young lady and an assurance that the government and people of South Africa are strongly behind her in the days ahead.


Ewanfoh Obehi Peter

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