South Africa: No freebies, cut prices for World Cup

World Cup tickets will not be discounted or given away. At a conference at Sun City, Fifa general secretary Jerome Valcke lashed out at journalists following reports that ticket prices had been cut.

Valcke said the football federation had made a pact with President Jacob Zuma that World Cup venues would be filled but this would not be achieved by slashing ticket prices.

“We will not, at any point, offer free tickets for the World Cup,” said Valcke.

“The amount of money Fifa will make [from the event] will be enough to cover the [organising committee’s] budget and we will not cut ticket prices to achieve that.”

Valcke said there had been a misunderstanding about Fifa’s recategorising of tickets. Rich Mkhondo, chief communications officer for the 2010 Fifa World Cup local organising committee, said earlier this week that the number of the category4 tickets – available to South Africans only and priced at R140 – would be increased.

“We will take [unsold] tickets from category3 and make them available as category4 tickets,” he said. He said there was more demand for category4 than category3 tickets .

Source:, 20100224

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