South Africa: Klein Karoo festival ends


The Klein Karoo National Arts festival 2009 will end tomorrow 11 April in Oudtshoorn, South Africa.

This year the venue hosted a great variety of artists. Among them: Johnny Clegg and Jack Hammer.

As stated on, “First launched as an Afrikaans-only culture event, the Klein Karoo National Arts Festival (KKNK) in Oudtshoorn has evolved into a multi-cultural and multi-lingual arts festival, playing host to an enormous amount, and huge variety, of South African artists”.

Some of these have included Koos Kombuis, Valiant Swart, Johnny Clegg, Miriam Makeba, Jack Hammer, Johannes Kerkorrel and Anton Goosen to name but a few.

As written on the event’s website, the Klein Karoo festival gathered differents arts like outdoor theatre, dance, classical music and visual arts.

“According to the CEO of the festival, Brett Pyper, despite the challenging economic context, the emphasis of the programme lies on quality and inclusivity in the art forms for which the festival is best known, offering festival-goers a more focused and distinctive experience”, so is written in the media section of the festival website.

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