Somalia: suicide car bomb kills nine soldiers

Two car bomb attacks yesterday morning killed 9 soldiers and injured Maj. Gen. Nathan Mugisha, head of Ugandan peacekeepers in Somalia. The attack has been made by Islamist fundamentalists in Mogadishu.

Juvenile Niyoyunguriza, African Union force deputy Commander and Burundian general, was among the dead caused by the two suicide car bombs at the African Union peacekeeping headquarters.  

According to the army spokesperson, Lt. Col. Felix Kulayigye, Gen. Mugisha, the overall commander, is also among the 10 who were injured in probably the most daring attack by the Somali fundamentalists – al Shabaab who are opposed to the peace keepers.

Yesterday attack on peacekeepers, made by Burundian and Ugandan forces, is the most high profile since 2007 when they were deployed in Somalia to support president Sharif.



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