Somalia: no ultimatum for Buccaneer – Farnesina

Italians taken hostage in Somalia are part of a mistery.

The Italian Foreign Ministry has not confirmed today the ultimatum requested by Somali pirates who held hostage two Italians as part of the seizure of the vessel Buccaneer.

“With reference to reports by some relatives of our fellow citizens taken hostage – a press release of the Italian Foreign Office said – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that neither the shipowner nor the Ambassador of Italy to the Somali transitional government, in their contacts, have reported that the kidnappers spoke in these terms and that, accordingly, has not reflected any of the alleged ultimatum“.

Yesterday the relatives of the two Italians, Vincenzo Montella and Giovanni Vollaro, said that Somali pirates have issued an ultimatum of 72 hours, strating from today, asking for a negotiation and threatening to kill 16 sailors.

The ship Buccaneer was seized by Somalis on April 11.

In the same press release, the Ministry points out that Minister Frattini has “decided to send in Somalia Margherita Boniver, president of the Parliamentarian Committee on Schengen and Immigration and recently named “special envoy for humanitarian emergencies”, to facilitate the successful solution of the seizure of the “Buccaneer”.”

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