Somalia: Italian Ngo appeals to Berlusconi and Frattini

The association of Italian Ngos is worried for the life of volunteers kidnapped 70 days ago in Somalia. It is written in a press release.

“Iolanda Occhipinti, Giuliano Paganini, Abdirahman Yusuf Arale of Ngo “Cins” and Mahamuud ‘Abdi Aaden, Faaduma Suldaan ‘Abdirahmaan, ‘Ali Mao’, Mahadey Biile of Ngo “Acqua per la Vita” are still kept by kidnappers in Somalia”, the association said.

Italian Ngos appeals to prime minister Berlusconi and foreign secretary Frattini “to continue with more strenght” for the liberation of all kidnapped people

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