Skyrocketing oil: an african response


If a barrell of oil is economically forbidden, here it is an African answer: bicycles for everything and for everyone.

A non-government organisation sent lots of bicycles in Ghana.

bicycle Village Bicycle Project, that’s the name of the Ngo’s project, sent more than 35000 bicycles to Ghana since 2000. They have been collected in different cities from different continents: Boston, Seattle and Washington in the Usa, Colchester in the UK, Sydney in Australia and Moscow, Idaho, Usa.

“About two-thirds of our bikes – the VBP president David Peckham says – are sold on the open market to recover shipping costs, and the remaining are used in programs in outlying villages to people who attend a class in bike repair.  Give a person a bike and when it breaks they will come to you for another bike, but if you teach them to repair their bike, they will fix it themselves”.

The project also provided a workshop about how to mantain bicycles.



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