Seven foreigners chosen to become Nigerians

Saying that people should be free to live where they want might be unacceptable to some, but globalization and the big pool of human insatiable exigencies is fast rewriting the human history.

It’s not the first time that foreigners have fought to posses the green passport of Nigeria, a country often battered due to the decades of bad governance and its resultant consequences.

According to The Punch, one of Nigerian leading online newspaper, the names recommended by Lagos State to the Federal Government in the middle of last week are:

  • Mr. Francis Gianotti, an Italian;
  • Mr. Gamal Abulteneidy – Egyptian;
  • Mr. Ali Mohamed Kobeissi – Lebanese

Others are:

  • Chief Suchder Manou – British;
  • Mr. Ching Pin-Lin – Chinese;
  • Mr. Ziad Jamakani – Syrian;
  • Mr. Kowovi Daniel – Togolese.

Mrs. Caroline Aromire-Bello is The Permanent Secretary in the State Ministry of Home Affairs and Culture, having presided over the Committee on Naturalization, she was said to have recommended the seven applicants out of the nine that were screened.

To some people, it’s possible to abandon the luxuries of the West and chose to become African citizens?

But the truth is that Africa itself is fast changing and maybe changing our environments actually help to better appreciate the meaning of this world.

After all, our world is turning into a global village and our territorial boundaries gradually becoming mere ceremonies.

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