"Sahara can replace oil", Rubbia

“Every square mile of the Sahara desert represent a barrel of oil”, Carlo Rubbia, Italian Nobel winner, said in his speech at the conference about the development of Africa in Taormina, Italy, last Friday the 3rd of October. 

“Using the sun as an energy source can guarantee a very large quantity of energy”, he added in his speech.

“If there is a problem, this is because of the lack of organisation. It is just recently that storage system has been developed for solar energy.  This has been the key for the develoment of this energy source. The problem still relies on its cost because it is too high. Everyone, though, is convinced that it can be overcome bringing the price to 4 cents, from 12 cents, increasing the productivity”, the Nobel prize winner said.

Ending his speech, Rubbia added that “Spain is the first country to adopt an energy plan in which solar energy has an extremely important role”.

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