SA said on Sunday that it had made formal contact with the Zimbabwean government on issues raised by its citizens in Zimbabwe.

A number of South African farmers have been forced out of their farms by invaders, with the latest incident on 24 December.

This is despite a 2008 ruling by a tribunal established under the Southern African Development Community that the occupation of farms by land grabbers was illegal.

The tribunal also ordered the Zimbabwean government to protect commercial farmers and their workers and allow them to continue farming their land.

But the Zimbabwean government has continuously flouted the tribunal’s judgment.

Civil rights group AfriForum has applied to the North Gauteng High Court to order Zimbabwe’s government to honour the ruling.

The matter will be heard next month. The group said on Sunday it was pleased the South African government had officially objected to the invasion of South Africans’ farms.

Source:, 20100118

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