Remco Afrique announces expansion programme

Dutch construction company Remco Afrique has announced plans to continue its expansion into new markets in Africa.

The Best, Netherlands-based company, which specialises in building industrial premises, is taking advantage of the growing demand throughout Africa for new industrial buildings.

The company is currently constructing three industrial buildings in Gabon, with a total surface of 23,650 square metres.

Remco Afrique’s construction concept is based upon minimum use of steel, with low total weight equating to lower total costs. It constructs the pre-fabricated buildings in collaboration with local craftsmen.

Commenting, Jan van Vulpen, CEO of Remco Afrique, said: “Thanks to the strong economic growth in Africa, demand is increasing for large industrial buildings. We currently have over 200,000 square meters of demands in different countries. Our expertise for this type of building is excellent and we can offer very competitive bids. It is through this that we got orders from Gabon.”

The company said that its strategy for the foreseeable future is to construct three to four new buildings per year in Africa. As well as Gabon, it currently has new orders from Nigeria, Ghana and Zambia. It also intends to continue with its expansion programme in Eastern Europe and the Caribbean.

The company added that with its wide range of activities and potential for growth in new markets in Africa, it has been relatively unaffected by the crisis in the construction sector in the Netherlands.

Remco Afrique is a division of Best-based Remco Ruimtebouw, which has been operating since 1972 in the industrial buildings sector in the Netherlands, the Caribbean, and Central and Eastern Europe. It has offices in the Netherlands (Best), Poland (Lodz), Romania (Bucharest), Bulgaria (Sofia) and Ukraine (Kiev). Together the companies have around 70 employees and a turnover of approximately €40 million.


Source: business excellence

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