Pushed to the Limit-meeting in London 8 February

Pushed to the Limit – By Hein Marais

Tuesday February 8th 2011 6pm

Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre


Thornhaugh St

London WC1H 0XG


  • Chris Cramer – Head of Development Studies, SOAS


  • Hein Marais – writer and journalist
  • John Sender – Emeritus Professor of Economics, SOAS, and Senior Research Fellow, Development Studies, Cambridge

In association with the Centre for African Studies, SOAS

‘Combining powerful analysis with a wealth of documentation, South Africa: Pushed to the Limit provides by far the best overview of political, economic and social change in postapartheid South Africa. Essential reading for anyone trying to understand one of the great social experiments of our time.’

Gillian Hart, Professor of Geography and Chair of Development Studies at the University of California at Berkeley; author of Disabling Globalisation: Places of power in post-apartheid South Africa

‘South Africa: Pushed to the Limit will become a classic. I doubt whether anyone can match Marais’ grasp of where South Africa is at today.’ Bill Freund, Professor of Economic History, University of KwaZulu-Natal; author of The Making of Contemporary Africa.

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