Oil and Governance-London, 2nd February


  • Wednesday 2nd February, 6pm


  • Dr Ricardo Soares de Oliveira: University Lecturer in Comparative Politics (African Politics) at the Department of Politics and International Relations, Oxford University
  • Professor Jedrzej George Fryna: Professor of CSR and Strategic Management
  • Chair: Anthony Goldman: Africa analyst, Clearwater research services

Event description:

The Royal African Society’s ‘West Africa in Focus’ seminar series is a new venture that will take a national perspective on complex regional issues.


Oil and Governance

The Gulf of Guinea supplies fifteen per cent of America’s oil and has recently experienced an immense inflow of investment. But why are American, European, and Asian oil companies enthusiastically committing tens of billions of dollars of long-term investment to the Gulf of Guinea’s failing states, which are characterized by ruthless elites, recurrent warfare, and some of the world’s most detrimental development practices?

This meeting will investigate the relationship between oil wealth and governance (good and bad) in the region. What effect has oil had on the process of politics in the Gulf of Guinea, what have multi-national oil companies done to try and reduce the negative effects of their business on the people of the region, and do any of these shifts towards socially responsible practices actually work?

Source: RAS, Royal African Society

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