Nokia looks to Kenya trying to compete with China

Leading international telecom firm Nokia Siemens Network is looking to introduce low cost telecom equipment as it battles Chinese companies for low-cost markets in Africa. Much of the focus will be on East African countries, with Kenya being marketed as a top priority.

The Finnish telecom giant said that it hopes the introduction of the new, lower cost mobile products will enabled it to “defend and grow” its share in the infrastructure market across the region.

According to the company, the smaller versions of telecom equipment are less costly to implement and can operate on a massive scale to buttress infrastructure projects in the region.

“We are also introducing a new business approach and technology that should help the operators save on costs,” said Dmitri Diliani, head of Africa region at Nokia Siemens.

“The African market is growing at a strong pace and we felt the need to provide additional focus to support its growth,” he added.

Nokia Siemens, as part of its expansion efforts, has established an African office in Nairobi and hopes this will help ease planned upgrades of the East African 3G and 4G platforms.



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