Nigeria: Yar’Adua’s health is heating up

The Nigerian President is still in Saudi Arabian hospital with everything between hope and despair spawning tension in the Nigerian media.

The fear of many is that a bigger batter is behind the corner.

“Nigerian Tribune reliably gathered that the succession struggle is being fuelled, because some of those who followed the president to Saudi Arabia for the treatment of the acute heart problem have returned with reports that are not too pleasant.

Feelers from the hospital, however, have revealed that all may not be well with the health of the Nigerian president, and sources said that he is at the intensive care unit, where he comes in and out of coma.

His condition, it was learnt, may have really degenerated, as very close relatives have been unable to see him at the hospital,” Nigerian Tribune reported yesterday, Tuesday December 1st.

Big rumour hovered around Nigeria over the weekend that some political ‘dark mafias’ were pressuring the Vice President to resign, all in a bid to retain power in the north, in the case of any eventuality from Yar’Adua’s health.

The news was quickly blown out of proportion by the media and the tension was gathering at a huge momentum.

The PDP led government later cried foul that it was not true. As for the opposition parties, however, there could not have been any smoke if actually there was no fire.

According to the 1999 Nigerian constitution, the Vice President stands the chance of becoming the President if, for any reason, it has been established that the President can no longer hold his office.

The ruling People Democratic Party, PDP, selects Presidents or presidential candidates on the basis of Nigeria geopolitical zones, in what they called ‘rotational system’.

In the calculation of some experts, meanwhile, what lies ahead of Nigeria, in the eventuality of a worse scenario from Yar’Adua’s health is a serious matter.

To the tribal based PDP political ideology, this is the time for northern Nigeria, whereas, the constitution is favouring the Vice President, Goodluck Jonathan for becoming the next possible President of Nigeria. And he is from the Niger Delta, south of the country.

Lately, Yar’Adua’s health has been interpreted to mean a lot of things in the Nigerian political spectrum.

Some said it places African most populous country on the keg of gun powder (grave risk).

At the weekend when the purported pressure on the Vice President was still fresh, several groups of militants from the Niger Delta, including MEND were threatening secession from Nigeria, if their son is forced out of power.

While the anxiety lingers, Nigerians are now been called upon to pray for the quick recovery of President Yar’Adua’s and peace in the Nigerian nation.

Ewanfoh Obehi Peter

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