Nigeria: Italian online media reports of violences

The news of the violences in Nigeria has been reported by many Italian websites. Suspected militants have been arrested by the police while the curfew has been imposed in some cities in the north of Nigeria after two days of violences.

Hundreds of people have been killed by a group of islamist militants protesting against the detention of some leaders.


According to Nigerian newspaper online,, the counting of dead bodies is at 300 people killed on Monday while the count is at 600 since last Friday.

According to the BBC, which shows a video with the image of dead bodies in front of a police station,  “at least 100 people have died“.

“There is no agreement on the counting of the victims between the police and the ‘Boki haram‘ group of the leader Mohammed Yusuf, who fight against a western style education”, according to

“Maiduguri, capital of the Borno state, has been the place where the most extreme acts of violence happened. 100 people, for some other sources 154, lost their lives during a series of actions by ‘Boko haram‘ fighters”, reports

Italian news agency Asca, reporting in partnership with the French AFP (Agence France Presse), quotes the word of Nigerian journalist Ibrahim Bala saying: “More than 100 bodies of people have been deposited in police station buildings while more are still due to arrive”.? 

The Italian version of reports that since Sunday the death count is 150 while more than 40 people have been arrested because of the clashes between police and islamist militias. Incidents – Euronews reports – started with the attack on a police building in Bauchi state by the islamist group Boko Haram that is said to be linked to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Yesterday, the 27 of July,, has quoted Nigerian police chief Ogbonna Onovo. “Five policemen have been killed, a police station was burned and 60 Talibans are dead”, Onovo said during a press conference in Abuja.

The same news has also been reported by:

    • copying and pasting a news from AdnKronos news agency
    • translated in Italian the words of the Nigerian Daily Independent

Video report from Reuters

Nigeria death toll rises

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