Mothlanthe tertiary education key for success

A nation’s success largely relies on competent tertiary education institutions, Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe said on Tuesday.

“Any nation is largely reliant upon how effective its tertiary education institutions are in producing a skilled, professional, creative and innovative labour force and society in general,” Motlanthe said at his inauguration as Chancellor of the University of Venda.

Motlanthe replaces Cyril Ramaphosa who held the post for two terms.

Referring to the university’s role, Motlanthe said, in a speech prepared for delivery, the institution would have to reflect on and be driven by growth and development imperatives.

“As one people with an indivisible future and common destiny, we have a duty to build institutions, whether state, civic or educational, which must, necessarily, reflect this intricate reality.”

Motlanthe said universities, such as the University of Venda, should contribute to the government’s programme of action and must respond to challenges of producing graduates both responsive and sensitive to the country’s needs.

“Universities therefore serve as critical catalyst in propelling nations to levels of irreversible development.”

He said he was encouraged by the growing number of students seeking education at the University of Venda, which had risen to some 11,000. – Sapa

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