Microfinance – ‘Credit Should Be a Human Right’

Microfinance – ‘Credit Should Be a Human Right’

Date: Monday 14th March, 6pm
Venue: Rm 116, SOAS, Thornhaugh St, London WC1H0XG



  • Milford Bateman (ODI / Author of Why doesn’t microfinance work? The destructive rise of Neoliberalism)
  • Maude Massu (Microfinance Advisor at CARE International UK)


  • Dr Kate Meagher (lecturer in Development Studies at DESTIN, London School of Economics / expertise in the informal economy and non-state governance in Africa)

Event description:

‘Microfinance has a high record of success. It has been proven to elevate people out of poverty. Microfinance doesn’t just tackle financial stability but it also achieves social objectives; reaching the excluded, empowering women and developing the capacity of small groups of people to take control of their own lives.’

If this is true, why is there scepticism around Microfinance, Why has Milford Batemen written ‘Why doesn’t microfinance work? The destructive rise of Neoliberalism’ and Why is The Independent reporting on suicides and pressure tactics from Microfinance lending?

Join the guest speakers and Chair to discuss and debate the impact of Microfinance and if it really is successful.

Source: Royal African Society

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