Lohoues-Oble receives Labisi award in Catania, Italy

Jacqueline Lohoues – Oble, presidential candidate in Ivory Coast, received yesterday night in Catania (Italy) the award “Antonietta Labisi”.

Beside her collaborators, Lohoues – Oble said to Piervincenzo Canale of Africanews.it, that in case of victory: “I will bring peace in my country. Without peace there is no development”.

Jacqueline Lohoues – Oble also said that she shares with Antonietta Labisi the willingness to help poor people.

The International association “Antonietta Labisi” was founded in 1985 by lawyer Corrado Labisi with his brother Salvo Labisi to commemorate the loss of their mother Antonietta who founded and directed the Istituto medico psicopedagogico “Lucia Mangano”.

The same association also organise this international award every year for people working for social justice, research, science and culture.

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