Libya: WFP calls for global solidarity

Josette Sheeran, Executive Director of the World Food Programme (WFP) headed, on Tuesday, to the Ras Jedir border zone to enquire about conditions of refugees who flock by thousands from the Libyan territory.

The UN official told TAP correspondent that the WFP appeals for global mobilisation to face up to this situation, reminding that this UN programme brings assistance to Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, with support from civil society to rescue refugees.

She expressed consideration to the Tunisian people for their generosity and their humanitarian assistance to persons fleeing Libya.

Mrs. Sheeran also voiced concern about reported acts of violence in Libyan city of Zaouia, denouncing the use of food as a pressure weapon and preventing international organisations from entering the Libyan territory to rescue civilians.

It should be noted that a planeload of assistance from the WFP landed in Djerba-Zarzis. This aid, including 80 tons of foodstuff, was sent to the hosting centres of refugees in Ras Jedir.

Other assistance—blankets and medicaments—from several countries and international organisations also arrived at Ras Jedir.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees had set up 500 tents on Tuesday to host over 5,000 persons. One thousand additional tents arrived on Wednesday, raising the total hosting capacity to nearly 10,000 persons.

Source: TAP, Tunisia online news

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