Libya: joint declaration of France, Germany and Italy

In light of the growing risks of a deterioration of the situation in Libya and regional escalation, France, Germany and Italy call on all Libyan parties to immediately and unconditionally cease fighting and to suspend the ongoing military build-up throughout the Country.

They also urge foreign actors to end all interference and to fully respect the arms embargo established by the United Nations Security Council. They encourage the swift conclusion of negotiations within the 5+5 military working group under the auspices of UNSMIL to enable the signature of a sustainable and credible ceasefire agreement.

This is an essential element to create the necessary climate for the concrete resumption of inter-Libyan political dialogue which will enable a sustainable resolution to the conflict. All efforts in this regard, including the Egyptian initiative announced on 6 June, must be encouraged. Any initiative  in support of a cease-fire agreement and of negotiated political settlement of the Libyan crisis must be fully inclusive and be firmly anchored to the architecture of the Berlin Process which remains the only viable framework.


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