Letter Bomb at a Super Screen TV in Lagos

As the world prepares for Christmas and New Year celebration, the security agents are analysing the remains of a letter bomb attack yesterday, at a popular super screen television Lagos, Nigeria. 

As huhuonline.com, an online news agency, reported it yesterday, ‘a man walked into the building housing Super screen Television in Onipanu part of Lagos State (Ikorodu road), with some parcels containing bombs, one of which appears to have gone off, blowing off his fingers and his face, the victim is believed to still be alive and able to speak. 

The police bomb disposal squad also visited the scene to ensure that further threat of life in the instance of the bomb was averted.

They equally made efforts to diffuse the remaining bombs in the victim’s custody.

The extent of damage to the Super screen television office and other offices in that complex is yet to be ascertained and the root of this shocking incident is still unknown.

Investigations are already underway to bring to book the perpetuators of this act.’ 

Situated on the ninth of a ten-story building in a busy part of Lagos, the explosion was said to have shook the entire building as the terrified residents told journalists.

The management of the Super screen television should rather be happy that the evil messenger, now receiving treatment in the hospital could not hit his target. 

This is not the first time the press and media parishioners would be brutally targeted in Nigeria, a country where some individuals are determined to battle corruption and the secrecy of information. 

It was exactly 1986 that Dele Giwa, a pioneer Newswatch editor-in-chief, was assassinated by letter bomb in Lagos.

More than two decade later, the case is still one of the many mysteries in Nigerian dark politics.

Another was just about to be added, few days before Christmas. 

In the words of Mr. Gbenya Adefaye, the President of the Nigerian Guild of Editors, This recent event is an act of cowardice and a subtle attempt to muffle the media.

The police should ensure that the perpetrators of this criminal act are exposed and brought to book. 

As for tension, however, it seems not to be lacking in Nigeria at all. 

The Nigerian, President, Umaru Yar’Adua is sick and he is receiving treatment in Saudi Arabian hospital.

Back home, the southern and northern politicians are busy playing their popular ethnic politics.
They are counting their own numbers and eluding more than 150 million Nigerians. 

A country with a little light in both public and private life; the press must be allow to do their job if the nation must grow.

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