Kenyan KSMH is charity of the month

CNN Untold Stories Documentary Inspires IQ4News New Charity of the Month

Viewers of CNN’s Untold Stories documentary about the state of the mental health system in Kenya were shocked by the desperate situation that people with mental disability were left in.

The efforts of the Kenya Society for the Mentally Handicapped (KSMH) in tackling issues of persons with mental disabilities, certainly deserves admiration, and has inspired IQ4News to make the organisation it’s Charity of the Month for April.

“We are excited to be able to support such an admirable campaign to help people with mental disabilities in Kenya”, said Editor-in-Chief of IQ4News, Dr Yemisi Ogunleye.

“The efforts of the Kenya Society for the Mentally Handicapped will certainly go a long way in setting a precedent for other African countries to follow”.

Mental health is often low on the priority list of policy makers in Africa, despite the two resolutions agreed between the World Health Organisations and member states in Africa in 1988 and 1990.

“They are people with a variety of difference and with the need for intensive support. This must not justify their neglect, concealment, and ill treatment. If each one of us contributed in a small way to the requirements for intensive care of people with mental disabilities, the burden of care will lessen on the millions of lonely mothers. Majority, who are single mothers, shoulder the trauma and responsibilities of providing this intensive support all by themselves.

Let us join these mothers, in their undertaking of this labour of love.” Edah Maina – CEO of KSMH, and Rapporteur to the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

“The levels of neglect of people with mental disabilities in many African countries are staggering,” continues Dr Ogunleye. “Not only do they have to deal with the social stigmas attached with mental disability, but there is also the issue of a lack of adequate facilities and expertises. In Nigeria for example, there are only 110 registered psychiatrists in a population of over 140 million.”

“We hope our support for KSMH will help to create awareness about this desperate situation.”

On the commemoration of the Commonwealth Day on 14th March 2011, the work of Kenya Society for the Mentally Handicapped also came to the attention of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, Head of the Commonwealth.

“Persons with intellectual and mental disabilities are persons first. Their humanity comes before their disabilities. Our vision is of a world where persons with intellectual and mental disabilities are included in society with full support and full rights.” Prabhu Pattni – National General Secretary of KSMH

If you would like to support KSMH, please visit intellectually-handicapped-ksmh for more information.

Source: IQ4News

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