Ivorian Lohoues in Catania for the Labisi award

Former justice minister of Ivory Coast, Jacqueline Lohoues – Oble, will be present in Catania (Italy) tomorrow afternoon for the “Antonietta Labisi” award. The ceremony will be held in Nettuno hotel by 6pm.

What follow is the press release of the association.

The International Association “Antonietta Labisi”, recognized by the United Nations Association on the United States, was made in 1985. The association is chaired by lawyer Corrado Labisi who founded it with his brother Dr. Salvo Labisi to commemorate their mother Antonietta, founder and director of the medial institute “Lucia Mangano”.

Within the Association was also created the international award “Antonietta Labisi”, given annually to distinguished personalities and organizations in the social, research, science and culture.

This seventeenth edition will host 

  • prof. Antonino Recca, Rector of the University of Catania,
  • prof. Francesco Auteri, surgeon and director of Nursing St. Francis,
  • Dr. Giuseppe Firrincieli, journalist and writer, author of “We Italians and Sicilians you”,
  • the Foundation Turriziani for new poverty in Italy,
  • Antonio Baiocco director of “The cloth merchant,
  • SE Professor Jacqueline Lohoues – Oble, former justice minister in Ivory Coast and the first female candidate for president of the Republic of Ivory Coast,
  • Dr. Daniele Lo Porto, an expert on relations with the media by the President of the Province of Catania,
  • Eng. Gianni Milan Rai conductor.

To entertain the audience the performance of the standard interpreter Philip Micale and Jeanne, a popular voice of the pop music of the seventies, both guests of honor at the event.

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