“Italy must get ready for Oslo”, NGO

“Italy can go to Oslo with empty hands. We must back political decisions with concrete actions”. So Giuseppe Schiavello, president of Campagna italiana contro le mine [Italian campaign against landmines], said during the conference held today in the Italian Senate in Rome, Italy.

Vice minister of Italian foreign affairs, Enzo Scotti, was present with the president of the Italian red cross, Massimo Barra, and Emanuele Brambilla, communication manager for Fondazione Don Gnocchi.

“Comparing the situations lived by our fathers and grandfathers and the pictures we get to see everyday from countries such as Afghanistan, Cambodia and Lebanon, tells us that the problems these people face with landmines are not so far from us. All this must push us to act to stop such tragedies to happen again”, Giuseppe Schiavello said.

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