Italy meeting: "Knowledges of Africa"

The Foundation Lettera27 participates in Festivaletteratura Saturday 12 and Sunday, September 13th, 2009 at the Episcopal Seminary in Mantua with three meetings on the knowledges of Africa on the Move: language schools, voices to increase content on literature, art, history and news about the African continent, inside Wikipedia, the largest free online encyclopedia. 

Who are they, what do they write, in what language express themselves African immigrants and writers of
Europe / in Europe?

What training tools can provide schools and libraries?

The increasing presence of migrant children and “foreigners” children in the Italian school is the opportunity to inclusion processes or to a clash of cultures?

Three meetings on language and learning, knowledge and contamination, area of residence and places of origin, curated by Paola Splendore and Alessandro Triulzi. Lettera27 invites writers Najat El Hachmi, Jadelin M. Gangbo, Chika Unigwe, Cristina Ali Farah, Gunilla Lundgren, along with scholars, mediators, teachers and librarians to discuss it.

The curators conduct the meetings with Livia Apa, Igiaba Scego and Marco Carsetti
Will be presented films and pictures of the Swedish Center “Författarcentrum”, of the school for refugees
and migrants Asinitas, of Pisacane school in Rome, of Rome’s  libraries Intercultura project and WikiAfrica
Literature’s project for schools.  

These are the events on the program:

Saturday, September 12th, 11:30 am 
Africans of Europe / Africans in Europe 
A new generation of African writers who direct themselves  toward “minority”European languages  – Dutch, Catalan, Italian – is establishing itself in Europe, expressing a new idea of métissage and offering untold
insight on the continent of origin and on the country of residence. New crossings and paths of African
writers in Europe. Introduces and coordinates Paola Splendore with Igiaba Scego. 
Participating writers Najat El Hachmi, Jadelin M. Gangbo and Chika Unigwe. 

Saturday, September 12th, at 17:15 
Africa at school 
Can a school with children of migrants from Africa continue to ignore the existence of African literature
and  of its Nobel Prizes? The experiences of libraries in Rome, the work of the “Författarcentrum” in
Sweden and WikiAfrica Literature’s new project for schools. 
Introduces and coordinates Livia Apa. 
Participate Cristina Ali Farah, Giorgio De Marchis, Gunilla Lundgren and Gabriella Sanna. 
Sunday, September 13th, 11:30 am 
Rights / exclusions / memberships
What exclusions and belongings testify the complex multicultural reality of Italy today? What are the  current portrayals? Movies and participated video narrations of the schools for refugees and asylum seekers Asinitas of Rome. The tales, stories and images “at child’s heights” from Carlo Pisacane school in Rome, the epicenter of the confrontation between acceptance and intolerance in Italy. 
Coordinators Marco Carsetti and Alessandro Triulzi 
Participate Cecilia Bartoli, Giulio Cederna, Angelo Loy, Chiara Mammarella, Mariem Mohamed Saney, Dagmawi Yimer and Alessandra Smerilli. 

The three meetings curated by Fondazione lettera27 Onlus and WikiAfrica are held at the Episcopal
Seminary. The meeting and the discussion create new entries at Wikipedia live in real time and go live and
podcast on
lettera27 is a non profit foundation, founded in July 2006. Its mission is to support the right to literacy,
education and, more generally, to promote access to knowledge and information. lettera27 is the twenty-
seventh letter, the missing letter, the letter that has not yet been written, the hybrid letter, the space to
fill, the connection between writing and orality, the connection with the future, the intersection between
analogic and digital. 
In collaboration with Wikimedia Italy, lettera27 has promoted WikiAfrica, a project to Africanize
Wikipedia through networks, researches, publications and events: .


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